Web design is no longer about just pretty and attractive looks. They need to have all the features to appropriately represent a business on the web. This essentially means that these websites are built to impress and then lead the customers conveniently from page to page until they find what they were looking for. The more convenient it is for them to locate what they want, the better it is for conversions. Well, in order to improve the design of your website, you will need to analyze what you need to change.

Here are 5 pointers to improve your website design

Your logo is important

The very first place to check is your logo. The design of your logo should appropriately represent your brand. The logo should be prominently placed on the website. A well designed logo reflects professionalism and talks a lot about your business. So, make sure that your logo is crisp and accurately portrays what your business is. Another important thing to remember is to connect your logo back to the homepage so that it makes navigation easy for the user.

User interaction with your website matters

Once on your website, a user must not be stuck as to where to click next. Your web design should be able to lead the user from one click to another until he finds what he is looking for. This ensures customer satisfaction and increases your chances of conversions. The navigation should not be very complex and the user should instantly be able to locate what next.

Good typography matters

If a user cannot read what’s on your website clearly, he will simply browse away! The typography used on the graphics as well as the fonts on the web page should be both legible and readable. Too large fonts are easily distracting and too small fonts put the visitor’s patience to test. So, ensure that the size of the fonts used is appropriate and proportionate to all other design elements on your website. Another important point to remember is that a good design need not always use a fancy looking font. A plain and simple font talks equally well about your business.

Clutter free

The web page must have just the right amount of text and graphics. It’s best to clear the clutter and ensure that your page looks neat. It is always more easy and convenient to browse through web pages that do not have too many things crammed into a small place. Overloaded pages create a negative impression.


If your website is still not responsive, it’s time to redesign! In a world where mobile compatibility matters a lot, having a responsive web design that renders well on all mobile devices is imperative.

Finally, your web design must be unique and not look like ‘just another site’ on the web. It should deliver all that your business promises its customers and should be able to create great user experiences for those potential customers. Nature9 offering web design services that fulfill your all business requirement!